Shenenodoah MacRyland Taapken Thompson

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Shenendoah MacRyland

Taapken Thompson

Born and raised in Morgantown, West Virginia, Shenandoah Thompson hit the stage as soon as he could walk. Beginning with leads in numerous school shows, he eventually progressed to a much larger venue, performing operatic/musical theatre.

By age 20 he had gained close to a hundred theatrical credits, both acting and directing. Though almost all volunteer work, it was an opportunity to develop his presence in front of a crowd.

His music however, was birthed around age 13, when he got a hold of his mother’s 28 year old Martin 12 string. Perhaps his first love was the sound produced by its massive body:  an immense tone which helped to convey the struggles in his life, and the beauty all around.

Now at 23 years old, and the proud father of a baby boy, his music continues to ebb and flow as the family grows, with each new day. With over 200 original compositions rooted in styles of acoustic rock, reggae, & folk, his charisma and lyrical honesty ring through in each piece. A mostly solo performer, with sometimes whispered conversational vocals to mournful wails, he hopes his songs can help others to transcend their times of doubt, the way his music has helped some of his soul to expand.


Missy & Shenendoah became the proud parents of Shannon O’Ryan Thompson on May 5, 2012.